Our Values

Our Customers Come First

We come to work to build products that make our customers lives better, we don't come to stroke our own egos. We strive to be customer-led and treat every interaction with our customers as an opportunity to learn and improve.

We Foster Creativity

We take immense pride in helping people turn their ideas into something real, and everything we build is designed with that in mind.

We Work to Live

We empower each other to make good choices for ourselves, our families, and the company, in that order. We care about what we create together, not how early we can be at our desks. If we put work before our kids' birthday parties, we're doing it wrong.

We Celebrate Curiosity

Every day brings new opportunities to learn - a new technique, a customer insight, a nugget buried in a log file somewhere. We are passionate about education and learning, both for ourselves and for our customers.

We Own Our Mistakes

We celebrate our successes and share in the benefits, but we're not afraid to experiment even if thing don't always go the way we hope. The only time we truly fail is when we don't learn from our mistakes. We all make mistakes, and how we deal with them is what defines who we are. We own our mistakes and we don't hide from them. If we screw up, our customers will usually hear about it from us before they've realised anything is wrong.

This work by Added Bytes CC BY-SA 4.0