Customer Success Champion

A customer success champion to take on support for our North American customers.

What's The Job?

As the newest Customer Success Champion at Added Bytes, you'll be the voice of our customers, fighting the customers' corner and driving customer-focused choices in the company, including managing customer support and proactive communications with customers to solicit feedback and ideas.

If you're the right person, your first responsibility will be handling customer support for the North American audience of Readable, our flagship product. Initially, you'll be answering prospects' questions, helping customers solve problems, identifying and tracking feature requests, reporting bugs and their resolution and developing our knowledgebase and other automated support systems.

You will be handling support through multiple inbound channels such as email, on-site chat, in-app triggers and social media. As your confidence and experience grow, the role can expand in different directions depending on the needs of the business and your interests. That could include customer analytics, sales, proactive customer research, elements of marketing and more. It can even include public speaking if that interests you! Development of the role will happen with your involvement and approval.

  • Date Posted: 2020-05-25.
  • Last Updated: 2020-05-25.
  • Closing Date: 2020-06-25.

What Are The Requirements?

This is a junior, full-time role that will suit a friendly and patient person with a passion for literature and language. They should have impeccable written English, and a talent for explaining complex concepts in simple language.

A background in academic English of linguistics would be a bonus, as would a solid technical understanding of language, so someone who knows their subordinating conjunctions from their compound prepositions should definitely consider applying. Any analytical or data management skills would be a bonus, as the role can expand to include analysis of multiple data sources to identify problems and opportunities.

Our current support load varies greatly day to day, so we would want to work with the successful candidate to find the best use for the rest of their working time. That could include contributing to almost any area of the business, from writing blog posts to software testing to creating graphics to data entry to recording how-to videos. Let us know what you think you would be interested in.

What's the Salary?

  • Depending on experience and additional skills, we are expecting to offer between £23,000 and £35,000/year.

Where Is it?

We fully support remote working, but this is a customer-facing role focussed on our North American audience so we require someone who can work suitable hours for that audience.



Our Standard Perks

Employment Status

Logistically, if you are based in the UK, you would be a direct employee of the company. If based elsewhere, we will work with you to find an employment method which works for us and you. That may mean you work as an independent contractor, or through a Professional Employment Organisation, but our obligations to you, and vice versa, will not be affected by that structure - and we will make sure that is clear in our employment contract with you.

How Do You Apply?

To apply for this role, or to tell us about the role you'd love to have with us instead of this one, introduce yourself and send us your CV:

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