Junior Backend Web Developer

An ambitious problem solver with an enthusiasm for technology and a passion for language.

What's The Job?

As the newest Junior Backend Web Developer at Added Bytes, you'll be an ambitious problem solver with an enthusiasm for technology and a passion for language. If you know which end of PHP to hit the ball with, and you like to read, this might be the role for you.

If you're the right person, you will start your time with us working on Readable, our flagship product. You'll be supporting customers, fixing bugs, writing (and updating) unit tests, developing features, deploying upgrades and helping to plan future development work.

In the longer term, there are opportunities to work with machine learning, AI, algorithm development, natural language processing and a host of data science projects, as well as other products like ApolloPad.

  • Date Posted: 2020-01-12.
  • Last Updated: 2020-05-25.
  • Closing Date: 2020-07-25.

What Are The Requirements?

This is a junior, full-time role, so as long as you have some experience with PHP we are less worried about which frameworks you've used than the kind of person you are. However, we work with several technologies so experience with any of these is going to be a benefit:

  • Composer
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • Beanstalkd
  • Memcached
  • JS and JQuery
  • Apache / Linux / DevOps

What's the Salary?

  • £25,000/year salary

Where Is it?

We fully support remote working, so location does not make much difference to our enthusiasm to hire you.



Our Standard Perks

Employment Status

Logistically, if you are based in the UK, you would be a direct employee of the company. If based elsewhere, we will work with you to find an employment method which works for us and you. That may mean you work as an independent contractor, or through a Professional Employment Organisation, but our obligations to you, and vice versa, will not be affected by that structure - and we will make sure that is clear in our employment contract with you.

How Do You Apply?

To apply for this role, or to tell us about the role you'd love to have with us instead of this one, introduce yourself and send us your CV:


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