About Added Bytes

About Added Bytes

Hi! We're Added Bytes. We make unique tools for creative people.

Added Bytes is a remote-first, flexible work, high knowledge company with headquarters near Brighton in the UK. We develop digital products for creative people, most notably Readable for readability scoring and content analytics.

Remote Work

Added Bytes is a remote-first company. That means that we do not have a central office where everybody is expected to work, and we try to make sure that the work we do supports remote collaboration. See How To Work Remotely for more information on how we ensure remote working is every bit as productive as office working, while enjoying the benefits that flexibility and a healthy life-work balance can bring.

Flexible Work

Added Bytes is a flexible work company. That means that we have flexible office hours, and we have a flexible holiday policy. Flexible working hours means that where possible you can set your own times and choose to work when it suits you. For customer-facing roles, that will usually include some element of core working hours, or liaising with colleagues to minimise gaps in coverage. We aim to be non-judgemental when it comes to working hours - if somebody wants to work early and late and take their kids out in the middle of the day, more power to them.

High Knowledge

Added Bytes is a high knowledge company. That might well be the wrong phrase, but it's what we're going with until someone points us to a better one. High knowledge means the knowledge important to the company isn't stuck in some ephemeral temporary storage system (like a brain), inaccessible to the majority of the company. It means we aim to document processes and principles, and ensure that anybody with the requisite skills could potentially pick up a task in the company and not find themselves stuck because some key information isn't available to them.

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