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We run a profit-sharing scheme for employees of Added Bytes. There is an employee pool of 10% of profits, shared quarterly according to the following rules:

How Much Is It?

  • The pool is calculated monthly, and is after tax and other deductions made from company profits (it's calculated in a similar way to dividends).
  • We calculate it monthly so that if the company makes a loss in one month, it does not remove money from the pool.
  • Anybody receiving dividends is automatically excluded from the pool.

How Is It Divided Up?

  • The pool is split between employees (including remote workers who are not directly employed due to logistical issues).
  • The pool is split proportionally based on contracted hours worked in the month.
  • No single employee can take over 25% of the pool.
  • If there is money left over after bonus payments are made, we will normally roll it over into the next quarter's pool, but we are always open to alternative suggestions.

Additional Notes

  • The profit-share is paid out as a discretionary bonus.
  • Profit-share is paid quarterly in arrears with the first subsequent paycheck (so profits from January to March inclusive would be paid with April's pay).
  • If you choose to leave the company, your share of the pool will be calculated pro-rata when you leave and paid out at the end of that quarter.

Education and Training

  • We have a £1000/year training budget for each employee to allocate as they see fit. That doesn't have to be directly job-related. Budget for training over that amount is available (depending on cost and company finances, of course!), but should be job related.
  • We provide a Masterclass subscription as standard.


We try to attend at least one relevant conference in person each year, and digital conferences where possible. We were at SaaStock in Dublin in 2018, and PLAIN in Oslo in 2019.

We were planning to attend BrightonSEO and the Copywriting Conference in 2020, but both are looking unlikely for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are still looking forward to attending, remotely:

Coming Soon

  • We have a workplace pension as standard and are looking into ways to improve this beyond our statutory obligations.
  • Swag!
  • We are looking at systems like LifeWorks and PerkBox to provide a range of additional benefits.

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