Leaving Added Bytes

We understand that sometimes people need a new challenge that just can't be found in the same company. Whether you want to move up to a position we don't have, feel like a career change, or just can't resist the urge to start your own cheese shop, that's OK. We'd appreciate it if you let us know as soon as you're comfortable so we can minimise any disruption to the company, but you are under no obligation to do so before handing in your notice.

Our default notice period is four weeks (and that increases annually after you've been with the company for four years - check your contract for the specifics). Notice should be given in writing and we'll acknowledge receipt of your notice both to your work and personal email addresses. In the same acknowledgement we will also confirm your last day with the company. During your notice period we'll work with you to make sure documentation is in order and any computers or other company equipment are returned and so on.

If you have any accrued statutory holiday remaining at the end of your notice period, that will be paid time included in your final pay. If you have booked holiday during your notice period, that will be unaffected, but we may ask you to work a slightly longer notice period if the booked holiday makes it unlikely we'll be able to complete offboarding before you go.

Notifying your Colleagues

We'll let the rest of the company know at the start of your notice period that you're leaving, and what your last day will be (even if you're already let people know). It is entirely your choice whether or not we (or you) let anyone know what you're going to be doing next or who you're going to be working for.

Documentation (employee)

  • Outline a typical week working for the company
  • Outline regular tasks (weekly, monthly, annual etc)
  • Which software, files and documents are key to your work
  • Review general documentation relevant to your work and add to it or edit it as appropriate
  • Towards the end of your notice period, if there are any incomplete projects, outline where you have got to with them and what remains to be completed

Company Data and Software (employee)

  • Clear Dropbox and downloaded files from any personal computers
  • Move any company-related files in your personal Google Drive into a company shared drive
  • Disconnect from sharing in Passpack and remove company passwords
  • Check upcoming events in Google Calendar and ensure tickets or attendance is reassigned

Exit Interview (company and employee together)

Don't worry, this isn't a high pressure analysis of your work. It's primarily a chance to review any agreements which last past the end of employment, and a chance us to learn from your experiences working for the company.

  • Review any outstanding (or future) expenses to be reclaimed
  • Review outstanding pay and profit-share
  • Review any applicable NDAs or non-compete agreements
  • Review workplace pension and another other applicable benefits
  • If employee wishes, add them (with their personal email account, as a single channel guest) to #alumni channel on Slack
  • Open (optional, confidential) discussion about company strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Review return of company equipment (you will have the option to buy the laptop you've been using, if you have one)

Tasks for Added Bytes (company)

  • Close down access to Passpack
  • Close down access to Dropbox
  • Close down access to Crisp
  • Close down access to Zoho One
  • Redirect employee email
  • Close down GSuite access
  • Close down access to Slack
  • Calculate and arrange final profit-share
  • Final payroll / records (P45 etc)
  • Confirm return of company equipment

All Done!

Nothing left to do but enjoy some goodbye drinks and knock the next challenge out of the park!

Returning to the Company

The door isn't closed. If you want to rejoin us in the future, let us know!

This work by Added Bytes CC BY-SA 4.0