Statutory Time Off

Our policies for sickness, bereavement, parental and other statutory leave

Our general policy is that if you need time off, take time off. We don't want to force people who aren't feeling well to work, and we don't think work should come before personal health. We also need to ensure that our policies allow the company to protect itself from abuse. We believe the policies below reflect that balance well, but are open to criticism and suggestions.


In addition to our statutory obligations, Added Bytes offers additional sickness pay. If you are ill during your first five years of employment, we will pay full pay for up to 20 days of sickness absence per year. After five years of absence, that will extend to include half pay for a further 20 days per year.

Bereavement and Compassionate Leave

Sadly, the UK offers no statutory bereavement or compassionate leave for employees. However, we firmly believe that if you suffer the loss of someone close to you you should be allowed appropriate time to grieve. Similarly, if you need to take some time to deal with a family emergency, or other personal issue, you should have the option to take the time you need to do so. We do not specify an exact amount of time off for these issues, because the time someone needs depends on the circumstances. They may not know themselves how long they need at the start of their absence.

As soon as an employee notifies us of their need to take time off, we will grant an immediate, fully paid leave of absence for a set initial number of days, and will review (and extend if necessary) the length of the absence with the employee towards its end.

For the purposes of general guidance, we would assume that someone losing an immediate family member would need at least two weeks away from work and would be unsurprised if they needed four weeks or more.

Parental Leave

Our ambition is to be able to offer the same time off at the same pay for both maternity and paternity and we will review this policy regularly. We are not quite there yet, but as we grow we are going to be able to improve and extend this policy. Our ambition is to have the one of the best maternity and paternity leave packages on offer at any comparable company.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

In addition to our statutory obligations, all new parents are entitled to up to sixteen weeks leave at full pay following the birth of adoption of a child. After that sixteen week period, statutory maternity and paternity rules apply as normal. If you return to work within four weeks of the birth or adoption of a child, the company reserves the right to have you pilloried in the nearest town square.

You will have the option to graduate your return to work after sixteen weeks if you wish, for up to the remainder of the first year of birth. (So, you may opt to return two days per week, then increase the time to three days per week later, and so on. Your pay for this graduated return may be less than your normal full pay.)

If your new arrival requires hospitalisation for any of that sixteen week period (regardless of whether you have already returned to work), this initial period of parental leave shall be extended by the amount of hospitalisation required. If your new arrival requires hospitalisation after that, our compassionate leave policy above will take over.


Jury Duty

If you are called to jury duty, you will be paid your full salary for as long as it lasts.


With flexible working already in place, there should be no conflict between work and voting in your local and national elections. We encourage you to vote whenever you can, and you can always step away from work to do it.

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